Tsudō-Shiroyama Tomb (Tsudō-Shiroyama Kofun)


Tsudō-Shiroyama is likely the oldest kofun in the Furuichi area, built in the latter half of the fourth century. Excavations of the mound have revealed that it was originally surrounded by two moats dotted with decorative islands. Three haniwa terracotta figures shaped like waterfowl were found on one of the islands in 1983. They are some of the oldest and largest examples of haniwa birds in existence and are now on display at Shura Hall in Fujiidera. The sarcophagus was also excavated. It is made of six slabs of stone that, together, weigh over 16 metric tons. The stones were brought to the tomb from quarries in neighboring Hyogo Prefecture over 100 kilometers away. A replica stands outside Mahora Shiroyama, a small museum near the burial mound.

Tsudō-Shiroyama is maintained by the town of Fujiidera and has been made into a public park. Cherry blossoms, Japanese iris, and other flowers attract photographers and picnickers to stroll the path that encircles the mound.

Tsudō-Shiroyama is 16.9 meters high and covers an area of about 4.7 hectares.


waterfowl-shaped haniwa


Tsudō-Shiroyama Kofun


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